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Campership Application Deadline: April 1, 2014

Girls are strongly encouraged to earn all or part of their way to camp through cookie and ‘in a nutshell’ sales. If you cannot afford Tier C pricing and need to supplement Badgerland Bucks and out-of-pocket costs for camp, Badgerland Council Campership Grants are available. 

Badgerland Council offers Camperships through the generous support of individual donors and organizations. Thank you. These donors believe, as we do, that Girl Scout camp provides outstanding opportunities for a girl to grow by exploring and challenging herself in a safe, supportive environment.  Girl Scouts grow leaders one camper at a time!

Please Note:
Guidelines for 2014 Camperships change each year. Refer to the Campership Q & A below for details. The Campership Application form is to be used for all programs in the Dream Big 2014 Girl Scout Summer Camp brochure. 


2014 Campership Q & A


Q:  What is a Campership?

A:  A Campership is financial assistance to help pay a portion of the cost of a Badgerland Council summer Girl Scout Camp program.


Q:  What is the deadline for submitting a Campership application?

A: Campership applications are due April 1, 2014.   Applications postmarked after April 1, 2014 will not be accepted. 


Q:  Who is eligible to apply?

A:  Badgerland Council Girl Scouts who are registered for the current membership year (10/01/2013-09/30/2014) may apply. All Camperships are needs-based grants.


Q:  Can I apply for a Campership as an adult?

A: No. Funding for camperships are only available to fund girl program participants, not adults.  If applying for an adult/child camp program where the adult is attending with the girl, the maximum awarded will be the girl portion of the camp program fee.     


Q:  Do families need to fill out the entire Campership application form?

A: Yes.  The information helps the committee assess the family’s need for assistance.  Please fill out all fields of the form.  Do not leave fields blank.  Fill in “0” or “N/A” where applicable. 


Q:  How many Camperships can a Girl Scout apply for? 

A: Your Girl Scout may attend as many programs as she prefers during the summer of 2014 however she will only be awarded funds for one camp program during the summer of 2014.  


Q:  Can we use Campership funding for personal expenses (i.e. gas, mileage, meals, or trading post money)?

A:  No.  Camperships are only awarded to cover camp program fees and camp transportation provided by the Council.


Q: Is a family contribution required?

A: Yes.  Camperships are supplemental and families are expected to contribute a minimum of 50% of the deposit or 50% of the program fee, whichever is less. 


Q:  How do I get a Campership application?

A:  Download the form here. Or call 800.236.2710 x 4303 or email camp@gsbadgerland.org.


Q:  How are Campership amounts determined? 

A: A committee comprised of Girl Scout volunteers and staff will review each application individually.  Amounts are based on scoring of selected criteria.   


Q:  Is there a limit on how much is awarded for the 2014 Camp season?

A:  No.  The Campership Committee addresses each application independently and grants awards based upon the need for each camper. 

Q:  Will the information that I provide on the Campership application be shared with others?

A:  The Campership Committee reviews the applications, awards grants while maintaining the privacy of all applicants.  The Committee uses the utmost discretion in keeping all information confidential.   


Q:  Does our application for a Campership affect the services provided to our daughter at camp?

            A:  Absolutely not!  Each Girl Scout at camp receives the same services. 


Q: How will I know you received my application for a Campership?

A: A Badgerland Staff member will mail or email your receipt confirmation within 7 days.  If you do not receive this confirmation we encourage you to contact us to verify that we have received your application.


Q:  When and how will we be notified of the award decision? 

A:  Notification will be mailed no later than May 1, 2014.


Q:  Can we reapply if we do not receive the full Campership amount requested?

A:  No. The decision of the Campership Committee is final for the 2014 Summer Camp season.  You may reapply in 2015 for a 2015 Summer Camp Program.


Q:  What if we do not receive the full Campership amount requested?

A:  Your letter will explain payment options for any balance due that is not covered by your Campership award. 


Q: Is the Campership transferrable to another program?

A: Yes.  If your plans change and you cannot attend the program requested or pay the balance due, the funds awarded can be transferred to a different camp program for the Girl Scout who received the award.


Q:  If we do not receive the amount needed, can we get our deposit back?

A: We know that your Girl Scout is excited to attend camp.  In the award letter, you will be offered the opportunity to pay the balance due for your daughter’s camp in incremental amounts.  If you are unable to pay the amount due, your deposit will be refunded only if you notify the Program Registrar in writing by May 15, 2014.    


Q: Is the Campership transferrable to another troop member or family member? 

A:  No.  Each Campership award is evaluated solely based on the application submitted and the award cannot be transferred to another individual.  


Q:  What if our plans change and we do not intend to use the Campership we were awarded? 

A:   You must notify us in writing by letter or email as soon as you aware of this change.


Q:  My daughter wants to attend a camp that is not run by the Badgerland Council.  Can she receive a Campership?

A:  No. Camperships are only available for registered Badgerland Girl Scouts to attend Girl Scout programs sponsored or supported by the Badgerland Council.   


2014 Campership Application