Eligibility: Campership Applications are available to all girl members of Girl Scouts of WI - Badgerland Council who are registered for the 2015 member year (October 2014 – September 2015) and have no outstanding balances with Council.

  1. Campership Applications can be downloaded here or picked up at any Girl Scout Council Service Center
  2. All questions on the form must be completed in order to receive consideration. If a question does not apply to your family, use “0” or “N/A.”
  3. Mail the completed Campership Application form by April 8 to:
    Girl Scouts of WI – Badgerland
    Attn - Camperships
    2710 Ski Lane
    Madison, WI 53713
    **Please Note: The Campership Application is not a camp registration form. In order to hold a spot at camp for your Girl Scout, you will need to include a Summer Camp Registration Form and Family Contribution with your Campership Application by April 8.
  4. Families receive a confirmation email once the forms have been received by the Badgerland Council staff representative.
  5. Campership Award letters will be mailed to homes by May 8, 2015. This letter will hold further instructions and information for next steps in preparing/completing camp registration and payment.
  6. The Badgerland Council staff representative must be notified of your Campership acceptance or withdrawal no later than June 1, 2015.
Download the application



Q:  How many Camperships can a Girl Scout apply for?

A:  Camperships are awarded for (1) one camp program during the summer of 2015.


Q:  Is a family contribution required?

A: Yes. As stated on the application and in the fees portion, families are expected to contribute a minimum of 50% of the camp deposit, or 50% of the camp program fee, whichever is less.


Q:  What if I don’t know the amount of Badgerland Bucks my Girl Scout earns in Cookie Sales to help cover the cost of camp?

A:  Families can contact their Troop Cookie Coordinator or the Product Sales Team at 800-236-2710 (x4304 or x1142) to find out about their incentives and record the amount of Badgerland Bucks they plan to use in the funding request portion of their campership application.


Q:  Can I apply for a Campership as an adult?

A:  No. Campership funds are only available to registered girl members, not adults.  If applying for an adult/child camp program where the adult is attending with the girl, the maximum awarded will be the girl portion of the camp program fee.


Q:  Can we use Campership funding for personal expenses (i.e. gas, mileage, meals, or trading post money)?

A:  No. Camperships are only awarded to cover camp program fees and Council-provided camp transportation. 


Q:  Is the Program Financial Assistance form the same as the Campership Application? 

A:  No. Program Financial Assistance is used for school year programs only – not summer camp or S’More programs.  While some of the information collected is similar, the Campership Application is formatted to allow for anonymity during the campership committee review process.  Correct documentation is required of all applications.  If you are unsure about a form, please contact us.

Review Process

Q:  How are Campership amounts determined?

A:  A Campership Committee is formed of Girl Scout volunteers, donors and staff who review each application individually and score the application based on criteria including financial situation, family statement, and participation in council product sales to help cover camp costs. The Campership Award is need-based and we cannot guarantee you will receive the full amount requested.


Q: Will the information that I provide on the Campership application be shared with others?

A: Before the campership committee reviews the applications, all personal details and contact information is removed.  While maintaining the privacy of all applicants when reviewing and granting awards, the committee uses the utmost discretion in keeping all information confidential.


Q:  What if we do not receive the full Campership amount requested?

A: After applying the amount of a Campership Award to the camp fees, you will be responsible for paying any remaining balance for your Girl Scout to be eligible to attend Camp.  Balances can be paid off in one payment, or through the council’s payment plan.  You must accept your Campership award through council by electing your payment option no later than June 1.


Q:  If we do not receive the amount needed, can we cancel the registration?

A: Yes. You must submit your Campership withdrawal to council in writing no later than June 1st.  Your entire family contribution and/or deposit will be refunded back to you.


Q:  Can we reapply if we do not receive the full Campership amount requested?

A:  No. The decision of the Campership Committee is final for the 2015 Summer Camp season.  We want to ensure that as many girls as possible can have the opportunity to experience Girl Scout Summer Camp and thus we cannot guarantee every applicant will receive the full amount they request.


Q:  Is the Campership award transferable to another program?

A: Yes. If your plans change and you cannot attend the camp program originally noted on your campership application or you cannot pay the balance due, the campership funds awarded can be transferred to a different camp program for the Girl Scout who received the award.


Q:  Is the Campership award transferable to another troop member or family member?

            A:  No. Campership funds are need based and scored according to the information provided on each individual application.  Campership awards cannot be transferred to another individual.


Q: Can I apply for a Campership first to see what amount we’re awarded and THEN register for camp?

A: Your Campership application does not hold a spot at camp for your Girl Scout, so you will need to fill out a Camp Registration form as well. Camp programs fill quickly and space may not be available if you wait until after you receive an award notification.


Q:  Does our application for a Campership affect the services provided to our Girl Scout camper?

A: No.  Every Girl Scout at camp receives the same services.  Camp Staff are unaware of who has applied for, or been awarded assistance.


Q:  What if our plans change and we do not intend to use the Campership we were awarded?

A:  You must notify us in writing as soon as you are aware of this change.  Family contributions and/or deposits will only be refunded if the cancellation is made by the June 1 deadline.


Q:  My daughter wants to attend a camp that is not run by the Badgerland Council.  Can she receive a Badgerland Campership?

A:  No. Camperships are only available for registered Badgerland Girl Scouts to attend Girl Scout resident camp or S’More programs sponsored by the Badgerland Council.

Have additional questions about the Campership Application and Campership Process? Contact Sara Danor at 608.237.1170 or

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