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About CampHERO

Be a Hero…for a day…for a week…for a lifetime!

What’s it like to be a real-life hero and work to save lives and help people? Come find out at CampHERO from real-world heroes in our community. CampHERO is THE place for girls who want to find out what it’s really like to be a firefighter, police officer or EMT!

CampHERO helps girls find courage, gain confidence and build character while learning skills and exploring careers.

The program is safe, hands-on and age appropriate. Every girl who attends will create memories for a lifetime — she may even discover her future career.

Visit the CampHERO website for lots more details and exciting photos from CampHERO:

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CampHERO Registration

It’s Easy!
Register for CampHERO here or at You can also use the paper registration form in the camp book. Reminder! Read and follow all registration instructions carefully. CampHERO registration is only confirmed once all the pre-camp forms are completed. Do this well before June 10 to reserve your spot at this popular camp!

Campership Grant forms can be downloaded at or a hard copy can be mailed by contacting or 800.236.2710 x4303. Camperships for CampHERO follow the deadline for all Badgerland Camperships: April 1, 2014.

MAIL completed CampHERO form packet to:
Girl Scouts of Wisconsin - Badgerland Council
2710 Ski Lane
Madison, WI 53713

Registration Deadline: June 10

If you have any questions about CampHERO:
Jen Román, CampHERO Chair at or
Eliza Zimmerman at or 608.362.8922 x3030


CampHERO Events

CampHERO – Senior/Ambassador
(This is also a Girl Scout destinations trip! Meet girls from around the country at CampHERO.)

CampHERO is an opportunity like no other. Be prepared for a real-life experience that is designed specifically for girls in grades 9-12. Spend a week living and training just like professional firefighters, EMTs and police officers. You’ll bunk at ‘the station’ (Camp Brandenburg) with your crew and train at various facilities around Madison. The week is packed with activities from all three careers. You’ll learn how to use the jaws of life to extricate a crash victim, handcuff a suspect, conduct a patient assessment, care for an ill or injured person, rappel down the side of a building, communicate using radios and much more!

Grades 9-12
Dates July 13 (2 pm) – July 18 (7 pm)
Cost $375
Location Camp Brandenburg, Dane

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CampHERO – Cadette

Spend four days living and training with your crew just like real firefighters, police officers and EMTs. The CampHERO experience takes you in-depth into topics like pursuing a criminal in a foot chase, lifting and examining fingerprints, searching for a fire victim, attacking a fire, immobilizing an injured person, CPR and more! Overnights are spent at ‘the station’ (Camp Brandenburg) where you’ll bunk, perform station duties and hang out with CampHERO Crew Leaders.

Grades 6-8
Dates July 20 (2 pm) – July 23 (7 pm)
Cost $225
Location Camp Brandenburg, Dane

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CampHERO – Junior

Make new friends as you explore the excitement and challenges that police officers, firefighters and EMTs face every day. During the day you will train with professionals at facilities around Madison. Learn about fingerprinting, police tactics, search & rescue, first aid, ropes & knots, bandages & splinting and so much more! Overnight you’ll enjoy a meal with your crew and bunk at ‘the station’ (Camp Brandenburg), just like real firefighters!

Grades 4-5
Dates July 24 (7:45 am) – July 25 (5:30 pm)
Cost $100
Location Fire Service Training Grounds, Madison

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CampHERO - Brownie

Brownies spend a full day getting to know real firefighters, police officers and EMTs. Girls will make new friends with their crew members as they are led by CampHERO volunteers. The day is packed with fun activities such as learning about the swirls and whirls of fingerprinting, searching for someone who is lost or hurt, putting out fires and giving first-aid to someone who is sick. You’ll get to check out fire trucks, ambulances and police cars. It’s a day to remember!
Note: Girls will be placed into groups; if attending with a friend, use “request buddy” on the registration form.

Grades 2-3
Dates July 19 (8 am to 5 pm)
Cost $30
Location Fire Service Training Grounds, Madison

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CampHERO – Daisy

You and your adult buddy will spend time with police officers, firefighters, and EMTs while they lead you through activity stations. You’ll do exciting things like fingerprinting, bandaging & splinting, fighting “fire” and learning about what happens when you dial 911. This program is designed for a girl to attend with a parent/guardian or other trusted adult.
Note: Adult partner is free to attend. Optional adult t-shirt is $12; order when registering your CampHERO camper. No tag-a-longs permitted.

Grades K-1
Dates July 26 (8 am to 11:30 am)
Cost $20
Location Fire Service Training Grounds, Madison

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